8(a) Set-asides
There are over 9,000 8(a) companies, yet nearly half of them never take advantage of this unique
certification.  Government contracting is at an all time high, and all agencies are struggling with
meeting their 8(a) quotas.  If you have the capability to perform a service the government is looking
for, getting the contract awarded to your company is almost a guarantee.  However, your experience
tells you that it is easier said than done!

The problem is two-fold:  (1) how do you find the right contract before it hits the street, and (2) how
do you convince the contracting officer that your company is qualified to perform the work.  This is
we come in.

How we help you maximize the benefit of your 8(a) certification

Our twenty-five years of experience with federal funding includes working for 8(a) companies in the
Washington DC area for which w
e were successful in securing several set-aside contracts.  Among
them was a five-year $17 million contract with the U.S. Army providing engineering services.  When
the contract was awarded the company did not have the space or employees to support the project,
and hired the staff after contract award.  There are specific capabilities the government looks for in
the target 8(a) company prior to sole source determination.  This is where w
e come in.

The service w
e offer you is based on our solid twenty-five years of government contracting
experience, and is comprised of five steps:

  1. Learn about your company and the services you offer
  2. Identify government agencies with contracts that are well suited for your services
  3. Convince these agencies that your company is qualified to perform the requirements
  4. Assist you with writing the proposal for the sole source set-aside
  5. Staff the project as needed

For this service o
ur fee is $5,000 per month and the initial consulting engagement is for a minimum
of three months.  W
e only work with companies that are serious about pursuing and winning
government contracts, and
we do not accept commission arrangements.